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Compliance Governance

Against a backdrop of prescriptive regulation and corporate prosecutions, companies can expect their health and safety management systems to come under increasing scrutiny. In addition to regulators, businesses should expect markets, investors and wider stakeholders to become more sophisticated and demanding in respect of health and safety performance.

The key to long-term and sustained health and safety success is leadership. Strong leadership will rely on the effective use of rigorous processes, systems and tools that focus on statutory compliance and continual improvement.

Compliance governance is a fundamental part of an organisation’s overall risk management function. Failure to comply with health and safety legislation has both human and business costs

Getting your compliance governance framework working effectively is incredibly important for your business.  An effective compliance governance framework will ensure that directors and managers have the tools, knowledge and structures in place to meet statutory requirements.

SAC Compliance have the skills and experience to establish a framework for compliance governance that will allow your staff to monitor performance, without being caught up in the day-to-day management.

We cut through the complexities to co-ordinate a robust compliance package that aligns to your needs.  We work with your staff to identify legal requirements and tailor a service that fits your business.

Our team will ensure the necessary surveys, inspections, assessments and tests are scheduled and monitored using digital data capture and cloud based technology.  We will take care of compliance governance on your behalf, allowing your key personnel to focus on the job at hand.

Our ‘one-stop’ approach allows us to utilise the principles of lean management.  We add value by identifying practical solutions, creating efficiencies and reflecting cost savings back to your business.

As a trusted partner, we become your point of contact and maintain your compliance systems in an audit ready state.