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Fires in the workplace can lead to loss of life, damaged premises, disrupted business, fines, compensation claims and increased insurance premiums.

With the right precautions, you can mitigate against the risk of fire. If a fire does start, the impact can be reduced if the right controls and procedures are in place.

If you are an employer, owner or occupier of premises you have a responsibility under fire safety law. Fire safety legislation applies to all commercial premises and places with public access. You must appoint a 'responsible person' to look after fire safety. You must ensure that a Fire Risk Assessment is carried out and that the recommended fire safety measures are implemented.

We help our clients identify vital steps, which need to be taken to safeguard employees and other people who could be affected by a fire.

We provide the following fire related solutions:

  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Fire Training
    • Fire Safety Awareness
    • Fire Warden
  • Fire Extinguishers
    • Servicing
    • Maintenance
    • Inspections
    • Supply of all types of fire extinguishers
  • Management and coordination of fire drills
  • Fire door checks