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The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations require that employers control the risks from vibration and protect their employees from exposure.  An essential step in achieving compliance involves using a competent person to estimate vibration exposure and assesses the risks.

Vibration is commonly transmitted through the hands and arms by using hand held power tools.  This can cause damage to the nerves, blood supply and joints of the hands, wrists and arms.  Whole body vibration exposure arises from driving vehicles at work such as fork lift truck, lorries, busses, dumper trucks etc.

We can measure vibration levels of your tools or vehicles and help you, as an employer, to understand the risks and manage them effectively.

The results of our vibration measurement will tell you if you have an issue with vibration, where the problems lie and if you need to take steps to comply with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations.

The vibration measurement we take can be used in your vibration risk assessment and help to identify which group of employees are at risk.